People and Faces - 21/11/19

The 2019 People and faces open competition was judged by Boyd Mieklejohn, who has been a member of Ayr PS for around 8 years. The images on his website show various types of photography, however at present Boyd is focusing on macro photography.

Before Boyd delivered his judging comments he explained that it can be a matter of personnel preference,  indeed the last competition he entered he was savaged - there was a splatter of laughter for the membership at the host remark.

Tonight, in total, there were 118 images supplied by the club. Boyd made comments ranging from subject placement in the frame, cropping and watch the background main subject ratio. Humorously he commented he was pleased to see no kingfisher or bauchille images  which created a ripple of laughter from the club.

Top image with 20 points was 'Happy in My Bike Shop' by Gavin Hanna.

19 points went to 'The Eyes Have It' by Ken Lindsay and 'Iona' by Stuart McCann.

18 points went to 'Lady in Red' by Grant Hutton, 'London Gheezer' by Kenny Gordon, 'Are You Looking At Me' by John Hannah and 'Pole Dancing' by Malcolm Martin.

The Winner of the Tweedie Quiche was Gavin Hanna with 54 points.

In second place was Kenny Gordon with 52 points and in joint third place with 51 points was Keith Beard, Mary Robertson and James Finnigan.

  • Happy In My Bike Shop

    Happy In My Bike Shop

    by Gavin Hanna

  • Iona


    by Stuart McCann

  • Lady in Red

    Lady in Red

    by Grant Hutton

  • London Geezer

    London Geezer

    by Kenny Gordon

  • Pole Dancing

    Pole Dancing

    by Malcolm Martin

  • The Eyes Have It

    The Eyes Have It

    by Ken Lindsay

  • You Looking At Me

    You Looking At Me

    by John Hannah