Print Round 2

The second print round of season 2021/22 was judged by Ian Tully from Milngavie and Bearsden Camera club. Ian is also a member of Edinburgh Camera Club and, judging by his website looks like he concentrates mainly on landscapes.

Before the results were announced, Ian outlined that he felt that the images in Division 2 were more interesting, with more variety, which he felt showed more photographic thinking than those in Division 1. However, he remarked on the very high quality of the nature shots in Division 1. This was the second judge of the season to signal out the quality of nature shots from the club photographers.


Division 2

Joint 1st place on 50 points were: Alex Dorrens, Karen McGowan, Mary Robertson & David Fisher

Mary Robertson had the top image with Smoke Signals.

David Taylor had the 2nd placed image with Forest Foraging

Joint 3rd placed images came from Karen McGowan, David Fisher and new member Tyrone Entwistle.

Division 1

Joint 1st place went to Keith Beard, Gavin Hanna and Paul Millar all with 51 points.

Keith Beard had the top image with Nutcrackers in the Snow.

Joint 2nd place images came from Paul Millar and Ian McKendrick

Joint 3rd placed images came from Colin McLatchie, Ken Lindsay, Gavin Hanna and Kenny Gordon.