Summer Challenge

Report by

Ken Lindsay

Our third online meeting on 8th October saw the results of the Summer Challenge. I judged the Summer Challenge. Authors submitted 21 images on the topic ‘In my home’ and 37 on ‘In my garden or local park’.

The fewer submissions entered for the first undoubtedly reflected the difficulty of the challenge yet creativity produced some fascinating images, such as the view from the interior of a washing machine – ‘Lockdown Laundry’ (David Hendry) and the very novel ‘Black Cat’ (Malcolm Martin).In the end the image that I liked best was a simple portrait of ‘Vairi’ (Grant Hutton), clutching her soft rabbit and decorated by a layer of coloured bubbles.

As might have been expected ‘In my Garden or Local Park’ produced mostly nature and wildlife images, many of high quality and some extremely creative, such as Alex Dorrens’s ‘Pond life’ taken through a glass container. Gavin Hanna produced two excellent images – ‘Incoming Woody’ and ‘Young Fox steps out of the shadows’ and I loved Kenny Gordon’s moody ‘Park pose’ of a small child against the huge tree trunk. I was glad I just had to judge, rather than face such stiff competition.

In my Garden