Print Round 1

The first print round (digital images) of the season was judged by Hunter Kennedy of Carluke Camera Club.

Hunter has many titles, including MPAGB, EFIAP, ARPA and has been a past president of the SPF. He has visited Eastwood on many occasions and commented that he was impressed with the images on show in tonight's competition, including those in division 2. 

Unfortunately with the current pandemic situation, Hunter has hardly pressed the shutter this year and described how he, like many of us, are trawling the archives looking for images to present for competition.

Eastwood members presented a wealth of images yet again and with 40 - 50 members joining the zoom meetings each week since the season began we are in a fortunate position compared to the uptake at some other clubs. 

Thanks again to Hunter for judging over 100 images and providing much appreciated and detailed comments on all.

Congratulations to both Ken Lindsay and Paul Millar who were clear winners in each division and to Ken Lindsay and Alex Dorrens for the top images.

Division 1

  • Gentoo with Chicks

    Gentoo with Chicks

    by Ken Lindsay

  • Truth Above

    Truth Above

    by Kenny Gordon

  • Wild Sifaka Dancing

    Wild Sifaka Dancing

    by Gavin Hanna

  • Incoming


    by Keith Beard

  • Sparrowhawk Family

    Sparrowhawk Family

    by John Hannah

  • A Love Lost

    A Love Lost

    by Colin McLatchie

  • Zea Defence

    Zea Defence

    by Malcolm Martin

Top images

1. Ken Lindsay - Gentoo with Chicks

2. Gavin Hanna, Kenny Gordon & Manoj Mohan 

3. Malcolm Martin, Colin McLatchie, Ken Lindsay, John Hannah, Keith Beard, John Hannah


Ken Lindsay - 55 points

Colin McLatchie & John Hannah - 51 points

Keith Beard - 50 points

Division 2

  • Time to Head for Home

    Time to Head for Home

    by Alex Dorrens

  • Rock Form

    Rock Form

    by David Fisher

  • Winter Begins

    Winter Begins

    by Paul Millar

  • Ruffled Feathers

    Ruffled Feathers

    by Paul Deacon

  • Female Village Weaver

    Female Village Weaver

    by David Taylor

  • Aquilegia


    by Edward Beveridge

  • Colours of the Clyde

    Colours of the Clyde

    by Paul Millar

Top images

1. Alex Dorrens - Time to Head for Home

2. David Taylor, Paul Deacon, Paul Millar, David Fisher

3. Paul Millar x 2, Edward Beveridge, Alex Dorrens, Paul Millar


Paul Millar - 55 points

Alex Dorrens - 53 points

David Taylor & Paul Deacon - 51 points