People and Faces 2020

Steven Phillips, a member of Bearsden and Milngavie Camera club judged this year's People and Faces competition, with 120 images in the mix. Steven has been judging for several years, he has judged at Eastwood before and he outlined that he tries not to let prejudices come into play in his judging.


Ken Lindsay had the top image with Jacob

Joint Second - The Stare by Mary Robertson and The End by Peter De Marco

Joint Third - Gypsy Girl by Colin McLatchie and Mila Man by David Fisher

Congratulations to Peter De Marco who picked up first prize.

Second spot went to our President Ken Lindsay

Three way joint third place for Stanley Bernard, David Fisher and Mary Robertson

Thanks to Steven for giving detailed comments on all 120 images.

  • Jacob


    by Ken Lindsay

  • The end

    The end

    by Peter De Marco

  • The Stare

    The Stare

    by Mary Robertson

  • Gypsy girl

    Gypsy girl

    by Colin McLatchie

  • Mela Man

    Mela Man

    by David Fisher

  • Lonely


    by Peter De Marco

  • Lily


    by James Finnigan

  • Emily


    by Grant Hutton

  • Rebecca


    by Tony Flynn

  • Great curls but tragically not great prospects

    Great curls but tragically not great prospects

    by Gavin Hanna

  • Cirila


    by Stuart McCann

  • Jump for Joy

    Jump for Joy

    by Keith Beard

  • A Life of Hard Toil

    A Life of Hard Toil

    by Stanley Bernard

  • Park Time

    Park Time

    by Kenny Gordon

  • Passing Thoughts

    Passing Thoughts

    by Ian McKendrick

  • I've seen It All Dear

    I've seen It All Dear

    by Stanley Bernard

  • Happy with dreadlocks

    Happy with dreadlocks

    by John Hannah

  • Park runners

    Park runners

    by Ken Wilkie

  • Tatooed Tog

    Tatooed Tog

    by Stuart McCann