Congratulations to Peter Demarco who was a clear winner in first place with 55 points, with the images below.

  • Anita


    by Peter De Marco

  • Passionate about Music

    Passionate about Music

    by Peter De Marco

  • Pointe to the Music

    Pointe to the Music

    by Peter De Marco

Rust Belt Buick

Rust Belt Buick

by Paul Deacon

Well done also to Paul Deacon who was awarded the top image of the night with Rust Belt Buick (above), a second division member taking first prize showing the strength of competition across both Eastwood divisions.

Joint second on 51 points was Paul Deacon and Grant Hutton.

Four people shared third place on 50 points: Ken Lindsay, Alistair Cassidy, Manoj Mohan and Neil Stout.

  • A New Hope

    A New Hope

    by Alistair Cassidy

  • A Quiet Night In

    A Quiet Night In

    by Grant Hutton

  • Bush Stone-Curlew

    Bush Stone-Curlew

    by Ken Wilkie

  • Glen Coe Shadows

    Glen Coe Shadows

    by Alistair McFarlane

  • The Big Five

    The Big Five

    by Neil Stout

  • Anita


    by Grant Hutton

  • Reach for the Sky

    Reach for the Sky

    by Mary Robertson

  • The Road Through Bonnyton Moor

    The Road Through Bonnyton Moor

    by Manoj Mohan