Digital Round 2

We kicked off the first session of 2021 with the results of Digital Round 2 competition, judged by Neil McGregor from Milngavie and Bearsden Camera Club.

Neil provided valuable and in depth feedback for well over a hundred images, with fair scoring over a wide range of images. 

Division 2 - Winners

Winning image:

Charlie Moore with Need to Give This Up

Joint 2nd:   

Paul Deacon with Bluebell

Susan Spence with Squirrel Flying High

David Taylor with Milky Way Over the Church of the Good Shepherd

Joint 3rd:

Sheena Rainey with Sunflower

David Fisher with Of His Generation

Stuart McCann with Joy of Joy

Top scorers in Division 2

The well deserved winner of the cup was the very talented Paul Millar with 104 points over the two rounds.

Congratulations also to Charlie Moore with a top score of 53 points.

Joint 2nd: David Taylor, David Fisher, Paul Millar and Paul Deacon on 51 points.

Joint 3rd: Tony Flynn and Stuart McCann on 50 points.

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Division 1 Winners

Top image of the night went to Keith Beard with the striking Heads Up

Ken Lindsay had an astonishing run with 3 images which all scored 19 points with Feather Attraction, Back Streets of Cuba and Sail Fishing - Xiapu.

Joint 3rd place went to Gavin Hanna with Wild Sparrowhawk - Death Waits in the Trees, Alistair McFarlane with Racing in Red and Kenny Gordon with Loch Rusky Boats.


Ken Lindsay with a whopping 57 points

2nd Place

Keith Beard on 52 points

Joint 3rd

Alistair McFarlane & Kenny Gordon on 51 points

Ken Lindsay was a clear winner with 108 points over both rounds

Keith Beard finished in second place on 103 points

Peter Ormsby took third place with 101 points

Our thanks are again extended to Neil, we certainly make the judges work hard with the amount of images presented for judging and we hope to welcome Neil back again some time in the future.

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  • Trinidad  LR / Photoshop / Colour efex
  • Yang Jia Xi
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