Digital Round 1

Boyd Meiklejohn from Ayr Photographic Society judged the first competition of 2020 - 21, our first competition via Zoom.

There was a wide variety of shots displayed and the winning shots came from different authors. Boyd provided detailed comments and feedback on all 134 images.

Congratulations to the winners of each division, Paul Millar and Peter Ormsby.

Also well done Sheena Rainey with the top image in Division 2, Grand Canyon and Keith Baird with the top image in Division 1, Nutcracker Foodfight.


Division 2

Paul Millar - First Place, 53 points

Sheena Rainey - Second Place, 50 points

David Fisher - Third Place, 49 points

Division 1

Peter Ormsby - First Place, 52 points

Keith Beard & Ken Lindsay - Joint Second Place, 51 points.

Third Place - a Five way tie between John Hannah, Alistair Cassidy, Malcolm Martin, Grant Hutton & David Hendry all on 48 points

This was the first competition with our new scoring system. As Hazel noted, Boyd mentioned he had not been to many of the locations where tonight's images were taken but would like to visit some of them. He made no apologies for ranking several bird images amongst the top images noting the quality of these winning shots. Thanks to Boyd for providing constructive comments for us all.

  • Nutcracker food fight

    Nutcracker food fight

    by Keith Beard

  • Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon

    by Sheena Rainey

  • All by Myself

    All by Myself

    by Paul Millar

  • Coal Tit

    Coal Tit

    by Peter Ormsby

  • Winter still

    Winter still

    by Ken Lindsay

  • Emerald from the Sea

    Emerald from the Sea

    by Paul Millar

  • The Sentinel

    The Sentinel

    by Jim Sutherland

  • Duckling Huddle

    Duckling Huddle

    by Betty Edgar

  • Splash Out

    Splash Out

    by David Fisher

  • Play under Watchful Eyes

    Play under Watchful Eyes

    by David Hunter

  • Tulips


    by Mel Leiper

  • St Maria Salute

    St Maria Salute

    by Tony Flynn

  • Nuns Valley in rain

    Nuns Valley in rain

    by Jim McCreery

  • after sunset

    after sunset

    by Manoj Mohan

  • RGB


    by David Hendry

  • borobodor sunrise

    borobodor sunrise

    by Stuart McCann

  • Just Sitin' & Watchin'

    Just Sitin' & Watchin'

    by Ken Lindsay

  • Leap of Faith

    Leap of Faith

    by Colin McLatchie

  • St Claire's Beach, Dunedin

    St Claire's Beach, Dunedin

    by David Taylor

  • Bauchaille Dawn

    Bauchaille Dawn

    by Alistair Cassidy

  • On the Beach

    On the Beach

    by Alex Dorrens

  • Poppy


    by Edward Beveridge

  • Byres Road reflections

    Byres Road reflections

    by Kenny Gordon