We return on the 5th September 2019. New membership form and syllabus  to arrive.

6th December

Our last speaker before the Christmas break was Fuji X photographer Damien Lovegrove.  His subject was “Making women look fabulous”.  The full house on the night was in part boosted by the excellent Christmas buffet laid on by members. Damien took us on a whistle stop world tour saying that for each shoot to be a success he needs to have an ‘energy with the model’ and an awareness of textures, tones and shapes in the fabrics worn.  His compositions have a tension in them as he is not interested in conventions. His obsession with light makes him shoot in dappled light, using smoke or haze, into the light and at 90 degrees to the light. Damien was a larger than life character who made a big impression on our members.

John Hannah.

13th December

A few members travelled to Greenock for the first GDPU tie of the season.  The judge was Findlay Rankin.  Reflecting on the quality of the images Findlay’s marks were high with only nine scoring less than 17 and twelve scoring the maximum of 20.  Eastwood had eight maximum scores which helped us to a win by 366 to 356.

Ken Wilkie.

Meanwhile, back at Albertslund Hall the rest of the membership were offered a workshop evening of ‘all things computer’.  Present to help members were Mary Robertson, Peter De Marco, Janet Jamieson, James Finnigan and Andy Shearer.  After tea there was a question and answer session.  All in all a very successful evening.

James Finnigan.

10th January

Congratulations to Peter de Marco, open Monochrome Print Competition winner. 101 prints from 35 members were entered for this competition. The judge was Mary Gibson of Carluke CC.  This season’s competition had a much larger than usual number of studio portraits largely thanks to Peter’s generous help with making his studio available.  Unusually, there was only one sports photo in the set.  The judge said the majority of photos had been well printed but, as in most of our print competitions the projected images were a poor representation of the prints being viewed by those towards the front of the audience.

The clear winner was Peter De Marco.  Peter also had the best individual print with “Pip the gentleman”. Manoj Mohan was second overall with Stuart McCann completing the top three.

Chris Everett.

17th January

A good turnout of club members, wives, husbands and partners enjoyed our traditional post Christmas celebrations in Nanno Gina’s at The Avenue. Whilst enjoying a varied and tasty menu, in between courses, we were subjected to some amusing ‘party games’ courtesy of Peter and David T. Fortunately the ‘balloon sculpture’ event was not included this year.  There was a great atmosphere for socializing and a big thank went to all involved in organizing such a successful night.

Alan Robertson.

24th January

We welcomed a good turnout of Beith CC members to Albertslund for our second GDPU tie. The scoring was fairly even in the first half with Eastwood just a few points ahead.  Beith started off well in the second half with images scoring well.  Eastwood had a few top scoring images, however, to give us a 347 to 327 win. Once again, we are through to the final which takes place on 30th April.

Ken Lindsay.

31st January

Stuart McCann and Mary Robertson were overall winners in the Prints Rounds Competition. Clive Watkins was the judge for the second round of this competition. He expressed his pleasure at being able to judge such a wide variety of subjects and locations.  He utilized the full range of scores from 10 to 20.  On the night the second round top print came from Stuart McCann in Division One while in Division Two Neil Stout had the top print.  Special mention to new member Susan Spence whose total from her three prints was top in Division Two.

Ken Wilkie

7th February

Eastwood meets Eastwood.  This was our annual exchange of images with our friends and namesakes in Nottingham – a chance to view and comment on images from another club in an informal way as opposed to a competition.  Each club provided 30 images with just one image per author.  This was a chance to see photos selected from authors who do not normally feature in the sometimes cruel competitive world we often find ourselves. It was interesting to discover the great variety of cameras and lenses we all use for our hobby and the settings for the various images.  Many thanks to David Taylor and his counterpart from Nottingham for another enjoyable evening.

Jim McCreery

1st November : Guest speaker Mark McColl

The first half of Mark’s presentation was given over to what he described as a geographical tour of Scotland.  Those among us who do not have the wherewithal and/or time to travel the world to exotic photographic locations would do well to learn from what can be achieved in Scotland by referencing the catalogue  of good locations displayed by Mark. He does meticulous planning of his subject and tries to do as little manipulation as possible.  The second half of his presentation was dedicated to astrophotography when he described the techniques used to capture his images of the Aurora, the Milky Way and star trails.


15th November : Guest speaker David Gillanders

David introduced his talk by giving a background to his photographic journey as a documentary photographer. He was brought up in a tough area of Glasgow and boxed as a boy.  His first photographic break was when he submitted a portfolio to the Scotsman newspaper and he later became a fashion and portrait photographer. In the first half he described the harrowing tale of young girls and boys in the Ukraine who lived underground in district heating areas in order to survive the sub zero temperatures. After tea David described his photographic study of violent crime in Glasgow.  He spent many months with the Police Rapid Response Unit, A+E and Ambulance Service.  He showed graphic images and described Glasgow’s gang culture.  David’s images were all monochrome, taken with film, gritty and emotive,

David T.

18th November : SPF Digital Club Championship

About a dozen Eastwood members journeyed to Stirling for this annual event.  Eastwood were one of 27 clubs competing from all over Scotland. Top EPS image in the first round came from John Hannah with “Drookit” with images of wildlife scoring well.  In the second round seven of our images scored well and we finished in equal sixth to make the final.  Despite one or to images scoring surprisingly poorly we finished in fourth place, gaining us an SPF silver medal, but just outside the qualification for the PAGB event next Summer.

Ken L.

22nd November : People and Faces Club Competition.

Many congratulations to Mary Robertson who won this competition which is open to club members from both divisions. Fiona Brims made a return visit to the club and emphasized at the beginning that she had marked down any image which, in her opinion, did not fit the theme.  This effectively meant that most sports images received just 14 marks out of 20 as she felt they portrayed the sport rather than the people. Fiona put a lot of work into judging a large number of images and she was very consistant with both her critiques and her marks. Joint runners-up were Janet Jamieson, Ken Lindsay and Peter De Marco.  Peter had the top individual image.


29th November Prints Round One Club Competition.

The judge for this competition was the experienced Hunter Kennedy from Carluke.  He began by praising the quality of work in Division Two.  In general he felt it important that images should have a 3D quality which can be achieved by varying contrast in different areas.  Division Two was quite close for a while until the high scores came. Top print and top total for his three prints went to Jim McCann.  Division One was also tight with James Finnigan gaining the top mark and Stuart McCann the top total for his three prints. A family double.

Ken W.

4th October – Guest speaker - club member Charlie Moore

I think this is a first for the club, an interesting insight into the skills needed to enjoy sub-aqua photography. Charlie began by saying that the first skill to learn is survival below the surface.  It takes time and training to learn how to cope working at a depth of one hundred feet or more. Once you have the confidence to do so, however, a new world opens up to you; a tranquil, colourful, diverse world which is the marine environment. The temptation to  picture this scene is obvious but the challenges are quite different.  No tripods for a start!  The light levels are much lower so flash is required and your equipment must be waterproof.  Then you have currents to cope with which means you are a moving target as well. Charlie showed us images from the west coast of Scotland, the Red Sea and the Carribean. The colours of the fish, coral and anemone were spectacular. Thanks Charlie.


11th October – Informal critique night

This new event aimed to encourage both new members and Division Two members, particularly those who had not previously entered an image in any competition, to submit an image to be critiqued in an informal way without scoring and with kind and considerate judges.  The committee asked Grant Hutton and Alistair McFarlane, who were both promoted at the end of last season, to give their comments.  Eight new members submitted images which was great to see. Both Grant and Alistair provided constructive, non-threatening criticism.  Some impressive images appeared, in some cases indicating considerable expertise.   In other instances some basic easily correctable faults were evident. Every image had something to commend it.  Each judge picked their top image.  Alistair selected  Betty Edgar’s child photo while Grant liked a landscape by Scott Campbell.

Ken L.

18th October – Guest speaker - club member John Hannah.

Club members were treated to a hugely enjoyable and informative talk presented by club member John Hannah.  John became involved in photography through his love of nature and the dedication he gives is obvious from the many stunning images he has produced.  His knowledge gives him the ability to be in the right place at the right time although this could involve many hours in a hide. In the first half John gave us many tips about the best locations to capture wildlife in both the UK and Europe.  In the second half his images from Botswana showed the great diversity of wildlife there.  All shots were taken from the Chobe River which has sold me on using a boat as a photography platform.

Neil Stout

25th October – Digital Round One competition

Our first competition of the session was our Digital Round One.  The judge, Gavin Forest from Carluke Camera Club, had a mammoth 141 images to critique and score, too many to be comfortable.  It was great to see so many new members taking part.  Gavin gave Division Two authors  plenty of hints on how he thought images could be improved. He advocated the use of levels to make the subject stand out more.  Also, bright areas, particularly at the edges, tend to draw the eye away from the main subject.  Due to a lack of time Gaving just read out the scores for the Division One entries.  Congratulations to Ken Lindsay and Jim McCann who produced the top image in Division One and Two respectively.  Ken’s was “Winter has come” and Jim’s was “Gymnast performing Wolf Jump”.


6TH September – First night back

There was a packed hall as our new President, Mary Robertson, welcomed everyone to a new session.  She particularly welcomed those who had come along for the first time.  She went on to highlight some of the club’s successes over the Summer months in both SPF and PAGB events.  She talked about the offer from the committee of portraiture sessions at Peter’s studio and highlighted some of the syllabus activities over the next few months.

Colin McLatchie then spoke about how the final of the Camera Club of the Year competition, held near Northampton, was organized.  He highlighted the challenges our team of four faced in each different shoot, keeping to tight schedules and using cameras they were not used to.  He showed some of the images which did well for our team.


13th September –Image preparation workflow – you will have this as you did the newsletter report.

20th September – Guest speaker – Wayne Johns

Fuji X Photographer Wayne Johns is a professional fashion, beauty and advertorial photographer.  He began by explaining how he got into photography through an interest in fine art.  He went on to explain how the beauty and fashion industry works and the many different layers of creativity and financial control it had.  After the tea-break Wayne gave members a masterclass of how to create and light these type of images.  There were many stunning images, tips and techniques from Wayne.  Members thoroughly enjoyed his visit to the club and his presentation which was on a completely different genre of photography to most other speakers who we have had. 


27th September – External workshop at Whitelees Windfarm

A good turnout of members arrived at the windfarm just in time to set up their tripods and capture the stunning sunset and blood red sky streaked with dramatic clouds.  After sunset Colin McLatchie stood on a picnic table and started light painting with his home made led light sable broom handle.  Next he set steel wool alight and finally he illuminated one of the turbines with a mega bright torch, moving it to produce weird spiral trails.  Many thanks to Colin and to Ken Wilkie for an enjoyable and educational evening.


Club night out 12 January 2018

Images supplied by Alan Robertson and thanks to Peter for the between course entertainment.

AGM and Trophy Presentation 2017

On the 20 April we had the club AGM and during the course of the evening we had the membership vote on the set subject for next years competition. Receiving the most votes from the assembled membership was 'The Colour Red'. We also had the presentation of the various trophies that had been won in the course of the year. Please see images of the trophies being presented below. All trophies presented by the club President David Taylor -congratulations to all. Many thanks to Keith Beard for the images

Final Placings

After a very exciting year in the leagues please see the final positions below congratulation to all who took part.

Div 1 - League Winner - Peter De Marco

Div 1 - Demoted to Div 2 - Alex Dorrens

Div 1 - Demoted to Div 2 - Cliff Lockyer

Div 2 - League Winner & Promoted to Div 1 - Gavin Hanna

Div 2 - Runner up & Promoted to Div 1 - Janet Jamieson

Gabriel O'Shaughnessy
28 October 2016 Clarkston Hall

Tonight we had a special presentation from Gabriel O'Shaughnessy of Dundalk Camera Club. Gabriel is held in very high esteem both nationally and internationally as a photographer of the highest order as his distinctions demonstrate, FRPS, MFIAP, FIPF, EFIAP/b. Gabriel is equally held in the highest esteem as a judge of photographic competitions.

The evening brought together several photographic clubs to hear Gabriel talk about his photography, how he creates his images and about the drive to create the vision he has in his head. As well as discussion regarding techniques used in the production of images and his 'Passion For Prints' -the title of the presentation, Gabriel gave many anecdotal accounts of his journey to excellence as a photographer. In his final comments for the evening as he addressed the assembled audience Gabriel suggested that pleasing yourself as a photographer and enjoying taking images was the most important part of the craft.

Many thanks to the committee of Eastwood Photographic Society and particularly Hazel Gordon for a fantastic evening and for being the driving force behind bringing Gabriel to give this presentation.


Image Exchange with Eastwood Nottingham

Many thanks to Jim McCreery, club editor of Through The Lens and assistant secretary for organising and presenting our fourth annual exchange of images with our namesake down south. Eastwood Nottingham have a membership of around 30 members who submit images to ourselves annually for an evening of critique in a very friendly manner likewise we submit the same amount of images to their club for comments.

On display were a wide variety of images from both clubs and a generous description from the authors which came in the form of aperture, shutter speed, iso, post processing and a general description. A few of the images supplied were from their Walking Wednesday event. This is were members of their club get together every week to go on location and hone their skills.

Once again thank you Jim for an entertaining evening

Sample images to follow.