RICC January 2016


There 2016 Renfrewshire Interclub Championship was held in Renfrew on 14th January 2016 and hosted this year by Paisley Colour Photographic Society. It was another excellent competition with a wide variety of subjects being presented on the night, the most outstanding ones being a fantastic natural history section and a great range of images from the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Once again it was a battle between ourselves and Paisley Colour to see who was going to lift the trophy. After all eight images from each team had been shown, the scores showed that we had won the Borbasket Trophy for the fourth time in five years, we score a very impressive 153 out of 160, where two of Peter De Marco's images scored 20/20 (Kingfisher and Sparrowhawk with Bullfinch), five scored 19/20 and one scored 18/20.

The judge, Roy Smith from Ayr PS, did a great job analysing the 64 images in detail, it was clear he had put in a lot of effort into constructively criticising the images before him. He tested out alterations to the images which would have made the images better in post production.

Although Peter scored two 20 point images, the top image of the night was "Osprey with Catch" by Mike Cruise from Paisley Colour PS.

Report by Brian McCormack

RICC January 2016

FRI_0316 final