Of the many hundred Photographic Clubs in the UK, about one hundred compete each year in the GB Cup run by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB).  Clubs may enter an ‘Open’ section for large clubs or a ‘Small club section’, based on the club’s ability to submit either 15 or 10 digital images of suitable standard.  There is also a ‘Nature’ section where clubs submit from 3 – 21 images, the 10 highest scores contributing to the final nature score.  

Eastwood PS participated in the ‘Open’ section - large club entry in 2014 and 2015, gaining 18th and 7th place respectively.  Could we maintain this high standard again?  This year submissions from 8 of our members made up the 15 images in the Open section.  Two of Ross Eaglesham’s images scored highest (14’s) – ‘Launching the shot’ and ‘The final hurdle’; 6 other images scored 13, helping to push our final total to 184.  The results came through on line showing that Eastwood lay in 2nd equal place with Cannock PS, both lying 9 points behind Chorley PS who are frequent winners of such events.  

For the first time ever Eastwood also entered the ‘Nature’ section with 7 members submitting 12 images.  I am delighted to report that Gary Winston’s ‘Little egret, big fish’ scored a 14; three other images from Ken Wilkie and Peter de Marco scored 13, overall contributing to a total of 121 and 30th equal place.  Chorley PS also won this section!   Eastwood were the third top Scottish club, a very encouraging start in this nature section to what I hope will become a routine event for the club. 

All in all great results for the club in this high standard competition– well done to all contributors.

Ken Lindsay

PAGB Cup 2016 - Individual Results

PAGB GB Cup Nature Results 2016

PAGB GB Cup Open Results 2016