International Competition Eastwood PS v Victoria, Canada

Our tenth international friendly digital competition with Victoria Camera Club on Vancouver Island, Canada resulted in a win for Eastwood. Fifteen images were submitted from both divisions one and two members with judges from both Canada and Scotland commenting on and scoring each image.  Our judge on this occasion was Bob Collins.

Starting off with our division two selections Bob gave his comments and marks followed by the comments and marks given by the Canadian judge, Larry Breitkreitz, being put up on the screen. After the thirty images were shown Victoria were ahead by 6 marks.  The top score was 37 out of 40 from Victoria’s Peter Loelbleitner with “Coho’s Nose”.  Our top scores were from James Finnigan with “Golden Eagle”; Jim McCreery with “Loch Ard”; Alistair Mcfarlane with “Snow Boarder”; Charlie Moore with “Misty Walker” and Gary Winston with “Shadow Chaser” all with 34 marks.

Eastwood did much better in the second half with some of our advanced workers in division one receiving high marks from both judges.  Joint top images both came from Eastwood with Stuart McCann’s “The Puppet master” and Ken Wilkie’s “Sparrowhawk with Bullfinch” scoring 38 out 0f 40 marks.  Other high scores came from Alex Dorrens with “Agony and Ecstasy”; Peter De Marco with “Kingfisher”; and ken Lindsay with “Some Candles for Buddha”.  Overall Eastwood won by 987 to 965.

Jim McCreery