Print Round 2, 2 February 2017

Tonight Neil McGregor from Kirkintilloch Camera Club came to judge the second round of our annual print competition. With trophies at stake the assembled membership were keen to hear Neil's thought as well as his marks. There turned out to be a large amount of commended and highly commended images with a mark of 17 as well as the top images in both divisions. Neil also commented on the quality of the images through the membership.

The winner in Division 1 of the print competition this year who will receive the Eastwood Cup is Peter Demarco with 106 points, second place goes to Stuart McCann with 104 points and third place went to John Hannah with 103 points. Congratulations Peter.


The winner in Division 2 of the print competition this year who will receive the Masooma CupTrophy is Gary Winston with 107 points, second place goes to Gavin Hannah with 104 points and third is David Taylor with 101 points. Congratulations Gary.

Winning images Division 1


Winning Images Division 2


Congratulations to all who took part.


Print Round 1 1st December 2016

Tonight Gavin Forrest from Carluke Camera Club came to judge Print Round 1. Between the two divisions there were 119 image to view and award marks for so without delay Gavin got underway. As he went along he offered feedback in a light hearted fashion which was well received. These comments reflected cropping, using layers for contrast details there were also tips on sharpening images as he went along. Many thanks Gavin and thank you to all members who contributed images to the round.

Score sheets

round-1-prints-div-2     round-1-prints-div-1

Top images Division one

1 'Alice' by Stuart McCann 20 points
2 'Arctic Fox with Mountain Hare' by Peter Demarco and 'Hockey, dodgy game' by Jim McCann 19 points
3 'Net Fishing Bei-Qi' by Ken Lindsay 'Pier Sunrise' by Kenny Gordon 18 points


Top images Division 2

1 'Gannets Protecting the Young' by James Finnigan 20points
2 'The Whistler' and 'Ripe Old Age' by Gary Winston 'Callinish Moon' by Mary Robinson 19 points
3 'Male Greenfinch' by Gary Winston 'Tree Silhouette at Sunset' by James Finnigan
   'The Buachille Reflected' by Jim McCreery 'Ptarmigan Looks Out' by Gavin Hanna
   'Shawlands Cross' by Gill Williamson 'Dunure Harbour' by Grant Hutton
   'Hold On To Your Dreams' by Malgorzata Pomietio 'Take Your Pick' by Jim Robb all 18 points


Print Round leaders after round 1

Division 1

1 Peter Demarco and Stuart McCann 53
2 Ken Lindsay 51
3 Omer Ahmed and Jim McCann 50

Division 2

1 Gary Winston 56
2 Mary Robertson and James Finnigan 53
3 Gavin Hanna 51