People and Faces 24 November 2016

Tonight Guy Philips from Greenock Camera Club came to judge our first open competition of the season "People and Faces" The winner of this trophy is awarded the 'Tweedie Quaich' for their efforts.

Before the competition began Guy informed all that all his comments were his opinion and personal assessment of what was presented in front of him. There was comment on aperture choice, sharpness, especially of the eyes. Particularly comment was made in relation to street photography; that the subject should be captured without eye contact for a more natural look.

The marks are as follows:

Top images on the night

1 'Inspector McClouseau' by Kenny Gordon 20 points
2 "The Three Amigo's" by Colin McLatchie 19 points
3 'A Dark Night' by Sheena Rainey 18 points

Images below


The standings for the Tweedie Quaich are

1 Colin McLatchie 35 points
2 James Finnigan and Kenny Gordon 34 points
3 Stuart McCann, Peter Demarco and Ken Wilkie 33

Congratulations to Colin and to all the authors for their submissions.