Club Monochrome 5 January 2017

To judge the annual monochrome competition this year we had Gordon McMann from Queens Park Camera Club. Gordon who specialises in studio and portraiture is vastly experienced as a photographer and as well as an SPF judge he has worked as a co-ordinator for the same organisation. Tonight there was a whopping 116 images to be judged so comments were asked to be brief and Gordon obliged. At the end of the evening the marks were as follows:

Top images

  1. 'Turnberry' by Mel Leiper 20 points
  2. 'Bromo Horseman' by Stuart McCann 19 points
  3. 'Yorkshire Miner 'by Chris Everett 18 points.

The winner of the Eddie McMurdo Challenge Trophy for monochrome this year is Stuart McCann with 52 points. With second place going to Mel Leiper 51 points and joint third place to Ken Lindsay and Keith Beard 51 points each.

Many congratulations to Stuart and a huge thank you to all who contributed to the competition this year.


Monochrome Results Table

Division ! and 2 after four rounds.