Annual Print Exhibition 30 March 2017.

Tonight Clive Watkins from Irvine Camera Club came to judge our Annual Print Exhibition. Tonight the winner of Division 1 would win the Ralph Heywood Quaich and the winner of Division 2 would win the Melvin Rosebowl. During the course of the evening Clive provided the audience with insightful critique and informed us that he was looking for images that told a story and had impact, images that contained a narrative or content that stirred thoughts or emotions in the viewer.

The winner of Division 1 was -

Ross Eaglesham with 53 points and winner of the Ralph Heywood Quaich
Ken Lindsay 50 points.
Stuart McCann and Peter Demarco 49

Top images on the night for Division 1 were -

'St Monans' Sunset by Ross Eaglesham 20 points
'Its All Mine' by Keith Beard 19 points
'Curves and Crosses' by Kenny Gordon 18 points

The winner of Division 2 was -

Gavin Hanna with 56 points and winner of the Melvin Rosebowl
Janet Jamieson 53 points
James Finnigan, Mary Robertson and Alistair McFarlane share third with 50 points

Top images on the night for Division 2 were

'Face Off In The Galapagos' by Gavin Hanna 20 points
'Golden Eye Shows Off For The Ladies' by Gavin Hanna and 'Pillars of Strength' by Janet Jamieson both 19 points
'Callanish Moon' by Mary Robertson, 'Stagg On The Hill' by Alistair McFarlane and 'Red is the Colour' by Jim Robb all receiving 18 points.

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Annual prints results Div1  Annual prints results Div 2

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