Print Round 2 1st February 2018

The second print round tie of the year took place tonight and at stake for the winner over the two rounds in Division 1 is the Ralph Heywood Rosebowl and for Division the Melvin Rosebowl.

The competition was judged tonight by Peter Paterson FRPS MPAGB. during the course of the evening Peter gave advice relating to exposure, cropping and negative space.

The scores are as follows for Division 1 and winner of the  Ralph Heywood Rosebowl -

1 Ken Lindsay with 109 points
2 John Hannah and Alistair Cassidy with 103 points
3 Ian McKendrick and Gavin Hanna 100 points

Division 2 and winner of the Melvin Rosebowl -

1 Grant hutton 103 points
2 Alistair McFarlane 100 points
3 David Taylor and Mary Robertson 98 points

Congratulation to both Ken and Grant.

The top images on the night in Division 1 were -

1 Alistair Cassidy 'Winter on Lochan Na H-Achiaise '20 points
2 David Hendry 'Surreal Flowering Fruit' and Ken Lindsay 'Sun Though the Mist' 19 points
3 Keith Beard 'Imagine' and Alistair Cassidy 'Milton Basin Morning Mist' 18 points

Top images Division 2 were -

1  Mary Robertson 'Calatrava Reflections' 20 points
2 Grant Hutton 'Guarding the Glen' 19 points
3 Janet Jamieson 'Forgotten Traveller' 18 points

Congratulation to all who submitted images and well done to both winners.

Score cards

Round 2 prints D1 2018 Round 2 prints D2 2018             Round 2 prints D2 2018

EPS Score Keeping 2017 - 2018 after P2

Print Round 1 30th November 2017

The first of two print rounds began tonight and was judged by Gordon Scott. As a judge Gordon was last at the club a few years ago and during his initial address he complemented the high standard within the club and informed us that this was his preferred medium for photographs- begin able to handle the image and commented that most digital images never see the light of day and live in a computer only.

To the results in division 1

1 Ken Lindsay with 'Hunting in the Rain ' and 'Waiting' 20 points each
1 Gavin Hannah with 'Sunset Scavenge in Botswana' 20 points
2 John Hannah 'Pine Martin Study' 19 points
   Colin McLatchie 'Forest Tit Flight' 19 points
   Alan Robertson 'Preening Predator' 19 points
3 Peter Demarco 'Vasco da Gama Bridge' 18 points
   Kenny Gordon 'Faces' 18 points
   Stuart McCann 'Bromo Tree' 18 points

After one round the placing in the print championship for Division 1 are -

1 Ken Lindsay 56 points
2 John Hannah 53 points
3 Colin McLatchie 52 points

Division 2 results

1 Alistair McFarlane 'Ospery's Successful Catch'  20 points
2 Alistair McFarlane 'Heron On Watch' 19 points
   David Taylor 'Concentration' 19 points
3 Grant Hutton 'London SW1' 18 points
   Grant Hutton 'Sky Rowen' 18 points
   Andy Shearer 'Siskin' 18 points

After one round the placing in the print championship for Division 2 are -

1 Alistair McFarlane 56 points
2 Grant Hutton 53 points
3 David Taylor 51 points

Congratulations to all who supplied prints for this round.

Division 1 top images

Division  top images

Round 1 prints 2017 D1 Round 1 prints 2017 D2          Round 1 prints 2017 D1