People and Faces 9 November 2017

Tonight was the first open competition of the year featuring images from division 1 and 2 in direct competition. It was also decided that there would be a new judging format for this competition and that it would be judged by three members of the club. The judges on the evening are all qualified judges on the circuit and included members of both divisions.

Colin McLatchie, Gill Williamson and Ross Eaglesham all gave brief critiques of the images but with 103 image to get through there was not a lot of time. On the night there was no single image awarded 20 points but an aggregate of 18 as top mark was awarded to two images. They were-

'Wise Guy' by Kenny Gordon
'The Bond' by Ken Lindsay

The winner of People and Faces for 2017-18 and who will be awarded the Tweedie Quaich is

1.Ken Lindsay 52 points
2. Kenny Gordon 51 points
3. Grant Hutton and Gill Williamson 50 points.

The judges individual top images on the night were

Colin McLatchie 'The Bond' by Ken Lindsay
Gill Williamson 'Rainy days and Rainbows" by James Finnigan
Ross Eaglesham' Wise Guy" by Kenny Gordon

Images to follow

Congratulations to the winners and all who took part in the competition this year. All Scores and league table below.


2017_18 Leader Board after 2 rounds        People and faces results 2017