Monochrome 4 January 2018

The monochrome round for this year was judged by Boyd Meicklejohn from Ayr Photographic Society. Boyd has a particular love of monochrome black and white images and feels that in his time judging looking at so many images really focuses the mind. He discussed cropping the image to get to the subject matter as well as contrast boosting he also gave the tip of always checking the outside edge of an image for distracting marks. Boyd was so impressed by the images that he researched various locations on Google Earth to put them on hit shoot list.

The top image scores on the night were as follows.

1.'Towards the Kelp' by Ken Lindsay 20 points
2. 'Marina' by Stuart McCann
3. 'Reading the Funny Papers' by Peter Demarco.

The winner of the Eddie McMurdo Challenge Cup is-

1 Ken Lindsay with 54 points
2 Peter Demarco and Stuart McCann with 52 points
3. Alistair Cassidy with 50 points

Monochrome Results Jan 18

Top images below.

EPS Score Keeping 2017 - 2018 after mono.

Many thanks to all who submitted images.