Digital Round 1 26 October 2017

Tonight was the first round of internal competition for the new session and judging tonight was Findlay Rankin. Findlay is a keen golfer and resides in Troon but is not a member of any camera club. During his opening speech Findlay commented on the high standard within the club and the amount of images produced. He informed us of his criteria for marking- "would I like to take that or would I have seen that". He was also forthcoming with his interpretation of the images giving advice on framing, exposure, brightness, to bring out detail etc.

Results below

Division 1 Digital Competition 2017

1 John Hannah with 56 points and top image on the night
2 Ken Lindsay and Ken Wilkie both on 53 points
3 Alan Robertson, Chris Everett and Peter Demarco all on 50 points

Division 2 Digital Competition 2017

1 Grant Hutton 54points
2 Scott Campbell 52 points
3 Michael Sinclair 51 points and top image on the night

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Division 1 images

Division 2 images