Annual Print Competition 5th April 2018

Tonight we had the annual print competition with the added drama of a clean sweep of trophies in division 1  by Ken Lindsay and in division 2 by Grant Hutton. Judging was John McVie who pointed out on several occasion during the evening that the standard of image within the club is exceptional and on another judging session the marks could change and it was only his opinion on the night. He also pointed out that not all images should or could be for competition but to remember the joy that photography gives and that no-one should take the marks to heart. Good advice John.

The winner in division 1 and winner of the Ralph Heywood trophy is;

1 Ken Lindsay 58 points
2 Joint placed Peter Demarco and John Hannah 53 points
3 Alistair Cassidy 52 Points

Division 2 winner of the Melvin Rosebowl is;

1 Grant Hutton 55 points
2 Joint placed Mary Robertson and Charlie Moore 53 points
3 Alistair McFarlane 50 points

The top images on the night for division 1 were

Ken Lindsay 'Waiting' 20 points 
Ken Lindsay ' Hunting in the Rain'- 'Sun Through the Mist', James Finnigan 'Young Caravaggio', John Hannah 'Jamal' 19 points
David Hendry 'In The Bleak Winter', Peter Demarco 'Reading the Funny Papers ''Labourers of the Land', Alistair Cassidy 'Coupall Falls', Gavin Hannah 'Glencoe From The River', Chris Everett 'Garden Spider with Green Bottle'

The top images on the night for division 2 were

Alistair McFarlane 'Duo on the Edge' 20 points
Mary robertson 'Dreaming Spires', Grant Hutton 'Sycamore Gap' 'London SW1', 19 points
Mary Robertson 'Calatrava REflections', Janet Jamieson 'Bow Fiddle Rock', Charlie Moore 'Jay', Jim McCreery 'My Babies'

Well done to all who contributed to a very exciting competition. images and full score cards below

Division 1 images

Division 2 images

Ann Prints 18 D1     Ann Prints 18 D2   Final League Table 2017 _ 2018