Club Monochrome Eddie McMurdo Challenge Cup 2016


Tonights competition was judged by Campbell Skinner SPF, DPAGB and member of Greenock Camera Club. Before the evening competition started Campbell gave a brief outline of his start in photography, specialising in sports before moving on to other interests. He discussed the differences of monochrome image making in the days of film where his choice of black and white film was Fp4+ and how you would have to wait for the correct time of day, for the correct lighting conditions along with the correct weather conditions - all this meant planning shots very carefully. Campbell mentioned various production techniques and suggested that good monochrome images should have a full tonal range from black to white. In the course of the evening Campbell suggested the use of dodge and burning techniques from the 'old days'. This technique can be handled in the digital world very successfully to draw attention to areas of your image, cropping was also mentioned as an important tool. Campbell also stated that he was very impressed with the standard of photography within the club.

The results are as follows.

First place and overall wiinner of the Eddie McMurdo Cup was Colin McLatchie.

Second place was Mary Robertson and in third place was Ken Lindsay.

On the night there were three images in third place, they were :-

'Lindisfarne Boat' by Mary Robertson.
'Through The Window' by Kenny Gordon.
'Black Rock Cottage' by David Hendry.

Second place image was :-

'Fur Coat Nae Kegs' by Colin McLatchie

First place image was :-

'Taking it on the Chin' by Colin McLatchie 

Please see the top images on the night below :-


Campbell Skinner