Club Annual Awards 2015-16 and Digital Competition Secretary's Report

Trophies Awards for 2015-16 season

Trophy Winners Table 2105-2016


Digital Competition Secretary’s

Report 2015-2016

80% of club members have been active participants in all competitions this year with very little drop outs throughout  the season this has probably been the highest rate that I have processed through the season from previous years , a 10% increase in last year’s figure 

  Div 1 members input has been consistent year on year   which means  that the increase images submitted is due largely from Div 2 competing. 

Members continued to be restricted in that their images could only be submitted a maximum of twice to competitions throughout the year. Once again this has encouraged a fresh feel to things in each competition however rules will need amending .If an images second visit to a competition is submitted it  must not be entered in same category  as that of the previous submission.

Correct sizing and titling continued this year which makes the Secretary’s job easier – Thank you.

The Overall image quality throughout the year from both divisions has risen—well done everyone.

This session we had a demotion and promotion plan in place  with one up from Div 2 to Div 1  and only seventeen   remaining in Div 1  with  the remainder going to Div 2.  Next season two div1 members will be demoted and two div 2 members will be promoted  and so on each year.

 I feel the new system is looking successful as members of similar skills now  battle against each other. This stimulates an improvement in quality

 Please note all images chosen to represent EPS in external comps come from both divisions based on image quality.

Finally, thanks to all those who participated in competitions this year and provided us with images which allowed us to compete at the highest level.

This year sees Alistair Cassidy being promoted to the Div 1 section as winner of the Points Championship.All Div 1 members finishing 18th and lower as of next season will be placed in Div 2.