Annual Digital Exhibition 6 April 2017

Tonight Gerald Chamberlin came to judge our Annual Digital Exhibition 2017. With a trophy available for the winner of each division in this competition and points to clarify the overall positions in both leagues Gerald was under no pressure. Please see all scores below

Division 1 top images on the night;

  1. 'Superbike Cornering' by Alan Robertson 20 points 
  2. 'Puffins in the Rain' by Ken Wilkie and 'Winters Coat' by Colin Mclatchie 19 points
  3. 'Tedium' by David Hendry and both 'Meal in the Rain' and 'Number 86' by Peter Demarco 18 points

The winner of the Narjis Rosebowl for this competition in Division 1 is Colin McLatchie by virtue of a 19 point image

  1. Peter Demarco and Colin McLatchie both with 52 points
  2. Ken Wilkie 51
  3. Stuart McCann and David Hendry 50

Images below.


Division 2 top images on the night;

  1. 'The Kiss' by James Finnigan 20 points
  2. 'Ptarmigan Looks Out' by Gavin Hanna and 'Focused' by James Finnigan 19 points
  3. 'Spotted Woodpecker' by Charlie Moore, 'Race to the Finish' by David Taylor and 'Blue Ice' by Janet Jamieson

The winner of the Symon Cup for this competition in Division 2 is;

  1. James Finnigan 56 points
  2. Gavin Hanna, Janet Jamieson and David Taylor 51 points
  3. Graham Mckay 49 points

Images below.