Print Championship Round 1 29 November 2018

Judge Hunter Kennedy

After round one in Division 1 leader board for the print championship is

1 Stuart McCann with 54 points
2 Peter Demarco 52 points
3 Mel Leiper, Ken Lindsay and Alistair McFarlane 51 points

Division 2 leader board for the print championship

1 Jim McCann 57 points
2 Mary Robertson 53 points
3 Manoj Mohan 52 points

Congratulations to father and son Jim and Stuart McCann for a great evening, well done.

Division 1 top images on the night were-

1 'Grey wagtail with lunch' by James Finnigan 20 points
2 'Red Kite in Snowfall' by Peter Demarco, 'Contemplation' by Stuart McCann 19 points
3 'Wolverine Tongue lick' by Colin McLatchie, 'Snow on the Paps' by Mel Leiper, I'n a Quiet Corner' by Keith Beard, 'Ospery Lift-off' by Ian McKendrick, 'Magnificent Frigatebird 'by Gavin Hanna and 'The Mosque at Dusk' by Stuart McCann all awarded 18 points

Division 2 top images on the night were-

1 'Concentration' by Jim McCann 20 points
2 'Dreaming Spires' by Mary Robertson, 'Balancing Act' by Jim McCann, Daybreak on the Etive' by Neil Stout all awarded 19 points
3 'Tales From The Riverbank' by Mary Robertson, 'Mans Best Friend' by Jim McCann, 'A Walk Through Colour' and 'Boats on loch Aird' both be Manoj Mohan all awarded 18 points.

Congratulations to all who took part.

Division 1 images

Division 2 images


Round 1 prints results 2018 D1  Round 1 prints results 2018 D2

League Table After Print R1