PAGB Cup 2019

Score sheets below. Report to follow.

GBcup_2019  GB Cup 2019 Individual Results

PAGB Interclub Print Championship 2018

On Sunday 27th October, a day of clear blue skies, Keith Beard and Alan Robertson accompanied me to the PAGB Interclub Print Championship on the outskirts of Blackburn.  On this occasion, 35 clubs competed, including 8 finalists from last year along with another 27 clubs representing 15 Federations throughout the UK.  Dumfries qualified automatically as a finalist last year and Carluke and Eastwood represented the SPF.  After the first round of 12 prints, Eastwood achieved a total of 145 points, helped by 15 points for ‘The bond’, 14’s for Peter de Marco’s ‘Labourers of the land’ and ’Heron in winter snowfall’ and 13’s for Stuart McCann’s ‘Quiet contemplation’ and Colin McLatchie’s ‘Wolverine’, (but let down by  9 points each for my monochrome prints (‘Laguna Chiarkota’ and ‘More please’).  This placed us in 18th position, well short of the top 8 reaching the final.  Of the 5 prints entered to the subsequent Plate competition, 3 had to be selected from Round 1.  This time around, Peter’s Heron only scored 13 points. ‘The bond’ and ‘Labourers of the land’ still held 15 and 14 points respectively.  Peter’s ‘Dons shutdown’ picked up a useful 14 points, but James Finnigan’s ‘Young Caravaggio’ only scored 10 points.  Despite this, with a total of 66 points, Eastwood still came a respectable 8th equal place out of the 26 clubs competing in the Plate.   

Dumfries were the only Scottish team to qualify for the Final and they finished in 6th place.  Carluke, just one ahead of Eastwood with 67 points, finished 6th equal in the Plate.

As I mentioned last year, whether we qualify in 2019 depends on our results in this year’s SPF Print competition.  A break would perhaps give us a better chance of reaching the final in the future.  Many thanks to all who submitted prints.

Ken Lindsay

PAGB Interclub Print Eastwood Individual results