Digital Round 2 Set Subject 'Architecture'  14 February 2019

Judge Libby Smith

Tonight was the climax of our digital championship and up for grabs in Division 1 was the Maisie Chassels trophy after a high and exciting first round the scores were

1 Ken Lindsay with 110 points and winner of the Maisie Chassels Trophy
2 Stuart McCann with 108 points
3 John Hannah  with 102 points

The final results for Division 2 after an equally tight and exciting round and up for grabs the Division 2 Cup

1 Manoj Mohan 104 points and winner of the cup by virtue of a 20
1Mary Robertson 104 points
2 Susan Spence and Jim McCann 102 points
3 Nile Stout 100 points

Congratulations to Ken and Manoj

Division 1 top images on the night were-

1 'Metropolis' by Stuart McCann 20 points
2 'The hidden Temple' by Stuart McCann, 'Palace of the Arts' by Ken Lindsay, 'Budapest Early Morning' by John Hannah all 19 points
3 'Childerns Hospital' by Keith Beard, 'Icons' by Ken Wilkie 'Lloyds Building' by Alan Robertson all awarded 18 points

Division 2 top images on the night were-

1 'Twighlight at Hofburg Palace' by Manoj Mohan 20 points
2 'Riverside Museum' by Susan Spence, 'Golden Globes' by Mary Robertson, 'Hand of God' by Ross Eaglesham all awarded 19 points
3 'Notre Dame, Montreal' by Duncan Fortune, 'Tulip spiral' by Neil Stout,'Aries Cathedral Detail' by Sandra McCreery all awarded 18 points.

Congratulations to all who took part.

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Digital Round 1 20.10.2018

Judge Gavin Forest

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