Club Digital Competition 2015-16 Round 1 


The first round of the club digital competition was judges be Libby Smith MPAGB, APAGB, EFIAP,  Hon SPF from Carluke camera club. Tonight was hotly contested however congratulation go to Omer Ahmed and William Berwick for winning their respective divisions. The results for both divisions are as follows;

Division I

1. Atlantic Breaker by Omer Ahmed

2 The Throw by Ross Eaglesham

3 The Blacksmith by Ken Lindsay

libby Smith

Division 2

1. 'Scramble' by William Berwick

2. 'The Nations' Favourite by Gary Winston

3. 'Loch Earn Startrail' by Alistair Cassidy


Club Digital Competition 2015-16 Round 2 


The second round of the Club Digital Competition was judged tonight be Eddie Telford. This round was the eagerly awaited and much debated set subject 'Old Glasgow".  Eddie, who comes from Ayr Photographic Society conducted a humorous evening which helped elevate the anticipation of the marking. Eddie started the evening by displaying a set of his own images and by telling the membership what he looks for in an image- he also offered constructive criticism  regarding cropping to the important parts of the image, levels adjustment etc. Eddie was well received and congratulated the club on its high standard of work.
There were a large amount of highly commended images in both divisions but the eventual winners in division 1 were -

  1. Ken Lindsay 'All Women Need Support'
  2. Alex Dorrens 'Peoples Palace in Celebration'
  3. David Hendry 'Gilmorehill'

Division Two

A great night for Alistair Cassidy

1 Alistair Cassidy 'The Necropolis'

2 Alistair Cassidy 'The Place That Launched a Thousand Ships'

3 Janet Jamieson 'Old Glasgow Montage'

Digital Round 2 Set Subject Old Glasgow Results.

Congratulations to all who took part.



Club Annual Digital Exhibition 2016


The second round of the Annual Club Digital Competition was judged tonight by Simon Allen from Dumfries Camera Club. This round was eagerly awaited as the final point totals would define this years championship standings. Simon immediately started with the marking which was as follows.
The top images in division 1 were -

  1. 'Sparrow hawk with Bullfinch' by Ken Wilkie 20 points
  2. 'Catch of the Day' by Peter Demarco 19 points
    'The Throw' by Ross Eaglesham 19 points

    'Some Candles for Buddha' by Ken Lindsay 19 points

     3   'Rainy Race' by Ken Wilkie 18 points
          'Releasing Rage' by Peter Demarco 18 points
          'Hariy McNofriends' by Omer Ahmed 18 points

Division Two image placings

A great night for Alistair Cassidy

1 'An Eye On Parliament' by Alistair Cassidy 20 points

2 'Loch Earn Startrail' by Alistair Cassidy 19 points
    'Kayak Splash' by Alistair McFarlane 19 points

3 'Milkyway' by Janet Jamieson 18 points
   'Skyward' by
   'Kestral' by James Finnigan 18 points


The standing for the Annual Digital Exhibition Division 1 are

  1. Peter Demarco 57 Points
  2. Ken Lindsay 52 points
  3. Ken Wilkie and Omer Ahmed 51 point

For Division 2 they are.

  1. Alistair Cassidy 56 points
  2. James Finnigan 52points
  3. Charlie Moore and Alistair McFarlane 49 points

Congratulations to all.