Eastwood Photographic Society
Established 1943

Photography News and Fuji Camera Club of the Year winners 2017-18

The club will return on 17th September
Initially, meetings for season 2020-21 will be facilitated using Zoom


New syllabus to follow

This year there was a spread of winners across competitions.
Well done to both Gavin Hanna and Peter Ormsby winning multiple trophies.

Congratulations to all who took part. Please see the winners below.

Dig Div1 Maisie Chassels - Trophy Gavin Hanna
Digital Division 2 Cup - Peter Ormsby
People & Faces Tweedie Quaich - Gavin Hanna
Annual Digital Dv1 Narjis Rosebowl - Keith Beard

Annual Digital Dv 2 Symon Cup - David Taylor        
David Taylor & Alex Dorrens joint 1st;
David Taylor wins with top scoring image
Division 1 Eyres Trophy - Gavin Hanna

Division 2 Craig Trophy - Peter Ormsby

Print Rounds Division 1 - Gavin Hanna  
Print Rounds Division 2 - Paul Millar
Monochrome - Colin McLatchie
Annual Print Division 1 - Ken Lindsay
Annual Print Division 2 - Malcolm Martin

Congratulations to all

  • 'Waiting room' by Paul Deacon


EPS meet on Thursdays at Albertslund Hall Newton Mearns G77 6WW @ 7.30pm New members welcome. 


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Digital Round 1-31 October 2019

People and Faces Nov 2019

SPF Digital Exhibition Nov 2019

Print competition Round 1 Nov 2019

Monochrome 9 January 2020

GDPU 2019-20 Season

Points Championship after mono 9 Jan 2020

PAGB 19-20

Print Competition 2019-20 round 2

Annual Digital Exhibition 2019-20

EPS Score Keeping 2019 - 2020 Master

Please read Competition Rules (available on Website) for sizing and naming digital images. Prints should be mounted on board no larger than 20”x16” or 500mm x 400mm

Digital Images should be in sRGB colour space and JPEG format with maximum horizontal dimension 1600 pixels and a maximum vertical dimension of 1200 pixels.

Naming Images

 “DIV1” for Division One members or “DIV2” for Division Two members; Membership Number; Print number (01 to 03). Note that prints should be numbered in order of preference (from 01 up to 03); print title. So for example: DIV1_1627_001/3_Flight of the Bumble Bee.
In this example the Prefix “DIV1” denotes a Division One worker whose membership number is 1627 and the print number is 001 of 3. Please note the underscore this must be in place as it helps order the image in preparation for the judges.

For resizing images in Photoshop , Lightroom CC , Elements , Picassa.

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